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Used Hybrid Cars

You've no doubt heard about everyone buying or wanting  new or used hybrid cars.  In my opinion, used hybrid cars are the way to go.  If you can stand the fact that you have to tell everyone your car is used (some people can't get over this ego thing...I don't understand it.) then you will not only save money at the pump but also on the sticker.  Used hybrid cars can have only a few thousand miles on them, so don't think that you have to get an older year to save money.  With more auto makers getting in on the hybrid car craze, you may have more used hybrid cars to choose from when you do decide to make the move from all petrol.

But beware when shopping for used hybrid cars.  Just because it's a used hybrid doesn't necessarily guarantee that you will save a ton of money, especially when shopping for a model that has both a hybrid version and an all gasoline version.

Before you go out shopping for used hybrid cars, I wanted to create this page to show you the savings you might expect with a hybrid compared to the alternative.  These figures don't include the comparison cost of maintenance or repair costs, and also DMV and Insurance costs.  This comparison just shows the cost of buying a used 2003 Honda Civic all gasoline car and a used 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid model.  These comparisons are done with the vehicle having the same amount of miles, options, and are both in excellent condition.

The pricing on the models is based on Kelly Blue Book private party values.  The MPG estimates are courtesy of, and are combined hwy and city mpg.  MPG estimates are for an automatic transmission.


Used Hybrid Cars vs. Non Hybrid Cars Comparison

By: Jerod Watson

Here is the comparison of a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid to a 2003 Honda Civic Non Hybrid LX with all applicable features being the same.  Both vehicles have 40,000 miles on them.

Annual Cost of fuel was calculated based on 15,000 miles a year paying an average of $3.00 a gallon.


2003 Honda Civic Hybrid

2003 Honda Civic LX       


Kelly Blue Book Private Party Value: $16,310

MPG: 47

Annual Cost of Fuel: $957.45

Kelly Blue Book Private Party Value: $12,710

MPG: 33

Annual Cost of Fuel: $1,363.63


As you can see there is a $406.18 savings in fuel for 1 year with a hybrid vehicle.  You can also see that the Hybrid version of the Civic costs $3,600 more than the all gasoline version.

Assuming that all factors stayed the same, it would take you almost 9 years to recoup the additional cost of buying a Hybrid model by saving at the pump.  By that time, this car would have 175,000 miles on it assuming you drove 15,000 miles each year.  For most, it would be time to go and buy another vehicle.

Remember this comparison doesn't take into account the cost of maintenance and repair costs.  It also doesn't factor in the tax break that may be available for the Hybrid.  To get a complete financial comparison you must consider all of the above plus other items such as insurance and DMV fees.

The moral of this story is to make you realize that your decision to go shopping for used hybrid cars must be based on other factors than just fuel mileage, especially if you are looking at buying the same model.  What I mean by this is, if your choice between vehicles is a Honda Civic Hybrid or a Honda Civic Non-Hybrid then you must compare everything.  If your choice between vehicles is a Honda Civic Hybrid and Ford Mustang, then I think your decision has a better chance of being based on fuel mileage.



About The Author

Jerod Watson is a member of Not A Moment Too Soon, LLC., the owner of Hybrid Trader Online.


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